Spambot nightmare for Gill!

As some of you will be aware, Anthony Ball Photography has had a bit of an issue – we managed to pick up a Spambot Nightmare. I first noticed it when Tony was away with the Army, adventure training sailing around the Caribbean.

St Barbara in Piton Bay, St Lucia

St Barbara in Piton Bay, St Lucia

I have recently taken over some of the administration of Anthony Ball Photography and panic set in when I opened up the e-mails to find we had over 12,000 junk messages, which rapidly increased to over 30,000 in just a few minutes! And the thousands of emails didn’t stop for almost a week . . .

As I had no idea how many genuine enquiries might be mixed into the junk, I spent hours checking through them to ensure I didn’t miss any – what a way to spend your time whilst your husband is topping up his sun tan! (Oh sorry, I mean working hard skippering the Royal Artillery Yacht St Barbara V)

Aaron Duke EX AU (234 of 334)

Unfortunately our website hacking led to us having to take Anthony Ball Photography website and Blog off line completely, and re-design and re-code the whole lot again. Thanks to our wonderful web design team at Stripey Media, we managed to get the whole re-design completed in record time and the website, now up and running again, was only off-line for a couple of weeks.

We have added some new images to the re-worked website which we hope you enjoy.

This has been a gentle reminder to us about business continuity and disaster planning – something all businesses need to regularly review!

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