Book shop photo-shoot – Selecting the right location for your photoshoot

Selecting the right location for your photoshoot is one of the key factors to achieving great photos. This simple book shop photo-shoot demonstrates that a location can be great fun and deliver some really sentimental images.

When Rachel and Colin contacted me to photograph their wedding I spent some time with them understanding what they wanted from me and finding out a bit about them. (I do this with all my clients and offer a complimentary pre-wedding shoot with my wedding clients.)  It turned out that they were both ‘book worms’ and had met while following this passion.  During their early relationship they often spent time in the bookshops of Hay-on-Wye, and so we suggested a book themed pre-wedding shoot.  They talked about a favourite shop that they visited frequently and we contacted them to ask if they objected to us doing this book shop photo-shoot there.  The shop was very accommodating and gave us the run of the place – they even offered an after hours session which we declined feeling that a few customers in the shop would add to the ambiance.



ABP_3073Book_Shop ABP_3072Book_Shop ABP_3071Book_Shop


This shop was beautiful. A converted warehouse style building,  it had great natural lighting from the skylights as well as scenic lamps, lights and sofas scattered around.  The fact that the shop was still open made the shoot even more fun and some of the more intimate shots were caught during the more quiet moments between book shelves when customers were not around.  This gave it the sort of feel of a secret date.

ABP_3047Book_ShopABP_3055Book_ShopABP_3068Book_Shop ABP_3063Book_Shop ABP_3058Book_Shop  ABP_3052Book_Shop ABP_3051Book_Shop      ABP_3078Book_Shop


Take a look at this slideshow for the whole shoot


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