Monmouthshire Wedding

Despite living in Gloucestershire, the border into Wales is only 1 mile from us.  So Monmouthshire is very local with the capital of the county, Monmouth, a short 4 miles from home.  A Monmouthshire Wedding is right up my street as it’s local and the county offers a spectacular array of ancient churches, historic country houses, castles and beautifull venues to get married in.

Monmouthshire Wedding Venues

I’ve photographed a number of weddings in Monmouthshire at a variety of different venues. Glen-Yr-Afon in Usk and Raglan Castle are a couple but The Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club remains one of my favourites and is a venue I have used alot for fashion photoshoots and marketing shoots because of its beautiful grounds, ornate internal decoration and rustic (derelict) upstairs rooms.  However, when I was asked by Sam and Eric to photograph their wedding the reception venue turned out to be the Monmouth School playing fields and pavilion.

The wedding ceremony took place in the 18th Centuary St Mary’s Priory Church at the top of Monmouth High Street.  This spectacular, cathedral-like, church lies on the site of The Benedictine Priory that was originally built in 1075. Eric had gone to school at Monmouth and the current vicar of St Matry’s was his old RE teacher so the ceremony had a slightly nostalgic feel to it with the odd tale from Erics past strategically slipped into the sermon.

The wedding breakfast took place in the modern school sports pavilion which is open to any one to hire as a venue.

For me, Sam’s dress, ranks as one of the most stunning, most elegant, most striking and most out of this world dresses I have ever had the privilage to photograph.  Here is a selection of the photographs from that beautiful day in July 2014.

The Bride Getting Ready


Monmouth-Wedding-3533 Monmouth-Wedding-3541  Monmouth-Wedding-3545

Monmouth-Wedding-3560 Monmouth-Wedding-3564 Monmouth-Wedding-3572 Monmouth-Wedding-3590

Monmouth-Wedding-3598 Monmouth-Wedding-3606 Monmouth-Wedding-7788 Monmouth-Wedding-7796 Monmouth-Wedding-7860


The Monmouthshire Wedding Ceremony

The bell ringers look on

The entrance into St Mary’s Priory Church with the bell ringers above and the fantasic light makes for a great photograph.

Monmouth-Wedding-3650 Monmouth-Wedding-3665 Monmouth-Wedding-3677 Monmouth-Wedding-3692 Monmouth-Wedding-3707

The Formal Wedding Photographs

Monmouth-Wedding-3722 Monmouth-Wedding-3725 Monmouth-Wedding-3819 Monmouth-Wedding-3825 Monmouth-Wedding-3832 Monmouthshire Wedding

The Wedding Breakfast Details

Monmouth-Wedding-3907 Monmouth-Wedding-3933 Monmouth-Wedding-3934 Monmouth-Wedding-3950 Monmouth-Wedding-3956


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