Equine Photoshoot with Anita and Robin

The perfect gift for any horse lover is my Equine Photoshoot Gift Voucher.   This particular Equine Photoshoot was bought by friends as a birthday present for Anita.  After about 11 months after her actual birthday she contacted me and we finally arranged a good day to do this great photoshoot with her and Robin,  her horse.

Equine Photoshoot

I offer  variety of different equine photoshoot options but this gift shoot is a basic 1 -2 hour shoot.  It is my most popular gift shoot and is a fantastic present for any horse owner.  A beautifully presented voucher is provided that is gift wrapped and provides all the information to the recipient.  All they then need to do is contact me and arrange a date for the photoshoot.  The shoot can be as formal or informal as you like and can involve one or multiple horses.

If you want to involve a few more horses and a couple of people then give me a call and we discuss your requirements in detail.  I will always taylor my shoots to suit your specific circumstances.

Anita_Robin 1

Equine Photoshoot

Anita_Robin 2


If you are thinking of hiring me or purchasing any photoshoot gift voucher then please have a look at a couple more of my shoots here on the blog.

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