Coral Coloured Wedding – Egypt Mills

This beautiful coral coloured wedding in Upton St Leonards Church, Nr Gloucester and then later at Egypt Mills on the edge of the Cotswolds was one of my most enjoyable weddings of 2015.  Apart from the great weather on the day the bride was a bundle of laughter and seemed to be continually smiling.  I was once advised in the early stages of my wedding photography career to follow the laughter.  This wedding was not short of huge smiles, happiness and laughter.

Siobhan had picked a beatiful coral coloured wedding theme and the combination of summer sunshine, coral bridesmaids dresses and coral roses combined beatifully to give me a great accent colour for my photographs.

The brides and bridesmaids prepare their coral dresses

Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-Coral Roses

Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-2 Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-3 Brides gets ready in mirror

Bride and Coral dress Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-Coral_Coloured-Wedding

Before the ceremony

Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-8 Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-10 Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-11

To the side of the path to St Leanards church is a primary school and as this was a Friday wedding, school was in.  Having spoken with the teachers earlier they extended playtime by 15 minutes to take in the arrival of the Bride.  Despite the maintanance works that were being undertaken to the school wall this photograph made it tio the album and was one of the brides favourite shots of the day.

The Ceremony

Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-Bride and Groom at Register

Onre of my favourite shots. The bride and groom had signed the register and taken a few moments out, when they thought no one was looking! to spend a bit of quality time in each others arms.

Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-12 Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-13 Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-14

Bride and Groom steal a kiss

One of my favourite images. The bride and groom had signed the register and when they thought no one was looking stole a bit of quality time together.

Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-16 Bride and Groom by Church Organ Pipes Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-25

Siobhan was one of the smiliest brides I have the privallage of photographing.  ‘My mantra of ‘follow the laughter’ was an easy task and made for one of the most enjoyable weddings I have photographed.

The Reception at Egypt Mills

Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-19 Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-20 Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-24

The Coral Coloured Wedding Group Photographs

Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

The Bride and her Coral Dressed Bridesmaids

Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-21     Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-27 Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-28 Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-29 Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-30 Gloucestershire-Wedding-Photographer-31

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