Cannop Pond Pre-wedding shoot

I love photographing my future wedding couples in surroundings that they feel relaxed in.  This is the third Cannop Pond pre-wedding shoot that I have photographed and the beautiful mix of the Forest of Dean backdrop with it’s seasonal bluebells along with the water reflection and pond life surrounding these idyllic lakes makes this one of my favourite rural photo-shoot settings.

With many of my wedding photography packages I offer a complimentary pre-wedding shoot.  Locations vary but romance is always in the air and this shoot was no exception. Emily and Luke chose to have their pre-wedding shoot at Cannop Ponds in the Forest of Dean.  They had read my “what to expect” blog on pre-wedding shoots and came with a change of outfit, beautifully colour coordinated yet relaxed and comfortable.

20160519-AB8_81380Romance-on-the-lake 20160519-AB8_81420Romance-on-the-lake

Like most of my couples, Emily and Luke were initially nervous about having their photographs taken.  Especially as this shoot was all about them – just them!  Being the focus of attention for an hour or so is not something many people are use to so it takes a little while to settle down and start to relax and enjoy the experience.  My job as the photographer is to help guide and direct my clients in order to deliver not just great photos, but also a great experience.

20160519-AB8_81560Romance-on-the-lake 20160519-AB8_81690Romance-on-the-lake 20160519-AB8_81710Romance-on-the-lake 20160519-AB8_81840Romance-on-the-lake 20160519-AB8_81860Romance-on-the-lake

Normally within about 15 minutes from the time we start shooting my couples have relaxed and I (the photographer) become invisible.  I’ll often shoot with a long lens so that I am out of whisper hearing distance.  This allows my couples to enjoy each others company while I capture the romance and relationship.

Cannop Pond Pre-Wedding shoot 20160519-AB8_82200Romance-on-the-lake 20160519-AB8_82210Romance-on-the-lake 20160519-AB8_82500Romance-on-the-lake Pre-wedding shoot in Bluebells 20160519-AB8_82610Romance-on-the-lake 20160519-AB8_82660Romance-on-the-lake 20160519-AB8_82730Romance-on-the-lake

Emily and Luke met in the Forest on Dean and got married this summer in Drybrook Church with their reception in the country estate of Bishopswood House.

If you have recently got engaged then drop me a line. I’d love to photograph your wedding and cover the locations across the whole of UK. Alternatively why not consider a Cannop Pond Pre-Wedding shoot or styled couples anniversary, engagement or just a photoshoot

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