Pre-wedding Equine Shoot

My favourite photographic genres currently are weddings and horses, so when Jess and Brett commissioned me to photograph their wedding I was delighted.  The combination of both genres was irresistible!  With two months to go before the wedding my wife and I travelled up to Newent to photograph their pre-wedding equine shoot.

The choice of pre-wedding shoot venue was an easy one for Jess as she keeps her horses, Mika and Shami, at Fairfield Stables, near Newent  in the rolling countryside of Herefordshire.  This spectacular backdrop is next door to a fruit farm with the apple orchards in full blossom, so once we had completed several shots around the stables, we moved up to the apple orchards.

Herefordshire Orchard Pre-Wedding photoshoot Pre-wedding shoot herefordshire

pre-wedding equine shoot

Jess and Brett met in a wine bar in Salisbury one evening and on the back of that Brett moved to Herefordshire to be closer to Jess. Clearly her love for horses played an important role in their engagement as Brett proposed by writing “Will  you marry me?” in glitter on the back of Jess’s horse. He then covered it up, replacing Mike’s rug.  When Jess visited the following morning all was revealed when she took off the rug and the wedding plans commenced.

Their wedding will be held at Homme House, in the village of Much Marcle in Herefordshire, close to the borders with Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Powys.  Jess’s original plans were to have her horses attend the wedding but the logistics of this has become a little too complicated so we’ve planned to meet the day after the wedding for a staged wedding dress equine shoot. I can’t wait!

Pre-wedding equine shoot

Mika (Bay) and Shami (Grey)


   Romance and Horses Pre-Wedding Equine Shoot slideshow




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